Industrially produced urea is mostly used as an enviormentally friendly fertilizer. Low transport cost, high nitrogen content and all around use make it both a profitable and a smart choice.


Urea (CO(NH2)2)  is an colorless cristalline organic compound. Its water soluble, odorless and used in many important processes in the body.

Applications for urea


Urea fertilizers are both climate-smart and economical. It doesn’t harm the soil and can be used on any type of crop.

Chemical industry

Urea is used to make various plastic, resins and various adhesives. Amongst other applications these are used to make glue and marine plywood.


Urea nitrate, a high explosive can be produced for urea by a onestep reaction to nitric acid. It’s also used as a stabilizer in nitrocellulose explosive.

Automobile systems

Urea can reduce NOx pollutants in diesel engines and power plants, helping fight pollution.

Laboratory uses

Laboratories around the world use urea to increase the solubility of proteins.  It’s lower voltage levels needed for hydrogen production makes urea optimal for fuel cells.

Medical use

Urea helps with rehydrating the skin in various medical conditions. It can be used for nonsurgical nail removal, having no effect on healthy nails.