Methanol (CH3OH) is used in chemical-, timber-, pharmaceutical-, oil-, gas- and micro-biology. It is also used as a fuel and as a raw material for biodiesel production and treatment chemicals and other industries.


Methanol is one of the most versatile compounds developed and is the basis for  hundreds of chemicals, thousands of products that touch our daily lives, and is  second in the world in amount shipped and transported around the globe every  year.  A truly global commodity, methanol is a key component of modern life and  new applications are paving the way forward to innovation.

Applications for Pure Methanol

Transportation Fuel

Methanol is the most  basic alcohol.  It is easy to transport, readily available, and has a high  octane rating that allows for superior vehicle performance compared to  gasoline.

Wastewater Denitrification

Methanol is also used by municipal and private wastewater treatment facilities to aid in the removal of nitrogen from effluent streams.

Fuel Cell Hydrogen Carrier

Methanol is  used as a key component in the development of different types of fuel cells –  which are quickly expanding to play a larger role in our energy economy.

Biodiesel  Transesterification

In the process of making biodiesel fuel,  methanol is used to convert the triglycerides in different types of oils  into usable biodiesel fuel.

Electricity Generation

Different companies are  also exploring the use of methanol to drive turbines to create electricity.

Methanol as a precursor material

Here are just some types of materials that are made from methanol: plastics,  synthetic fibers, paints, resins adhesives, solvents, insulation, refridgerants, windshield washer fluid, pigments and dyes


No matter how much methanol you use on a daily basis, it is important for  everyone to know the hazards and safety precautions involved with handling  methanol. We encourage you to review our methanol safety videos and safe-handling manual  and share these resources with others that will be involved in the safe handling  and transport of this essential chemical and fuel.

Methanol Safe Handling Manual – A comprehensive guide to methanol uses,  precautions, and safety procedures.

Methanol  Emergency Response – A fact sheet outlining the potential hazards of  methanol.

Methanol  Health Effects – A fact sheet outlining methanol’s impact on human health –